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Welcome to my empowerment lifestyle website. I am Pam Reaves, the Owner of NELLA, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company. NELLA, LLC is the umbrella under which I operate my power coaching practice, promote the books that I have written, come to the stage to speak power into the lives of my audiences, and facilitate empowerment events.

As a Certified Professional Coach who loves to help clients in their commitment to live and enjoy life from a Position of Power in every aspect, I do not take this calling lightly. My passion is to help clients achieve this uplift in lifestyle by mastering the four pillars of all success and greatness with my signature tool known as TAPS (Transformation, Action, Power, Source). With gratitude, pride, and honor, I embrace the reputation as a breakthrough specialist. Whenever I am privileged to work with a client, my promise is that I will not back up, back down, or back out, until the client breaks through.

I am a Published Author, who has written a relationship book; a fictional novel based on real life events; and have been a contributing author to two collaborative projects. My opinions and expertise are considered valuable in a variety of sectors, and in this regard I have been asked and have accepted the opportunity to be a contributing columnist in several online magazines. It has been with humility and honor to be on the cover of a few publications. I am a Certified Public Speaker who received certification from the Florida-based company known as Speaking Empire. My incredible experiences as a sought after guest includes features on a variety of radio talk shows and the television talk show “Atlanta Live.”

Not only did I become an author and a professional coach after age 50, I also became an Entrepreneur. A life changing transformation inspired me to create a line of natural skincare products. Essentially Good Skincare products are made from natural ingredients that are organically and vegan-based. Because of my commitment to wellness, my personal style, and zest for life, I have served as a Brand Ambassador for several small Black businesses. As you can see, there is no expiration date on pursuing and fulfilling your dreams.

I have enjoyed an illustrious career that has spanned over a period of 40 years with experience in diverse corporate cultures in the areas of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Finance, and Corporate Realty Services. My vast experience includes working directly with some of the most celebrated Wall Street senior executives. Equipped with credentials, confidence, a powerful presence, and a proven track record, I deliver expertise in several disciplines including lease and contract negotiations, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, talent management, project planning and management. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, and have completed continuing education in commercial real estate at New York University, Johns Hopkins School of Real Estate, the Practising Law Institute (New York) and Dale Carnegie training.

I am honored to announce that in recognition of the satisfactory fulfillment of the prescribed requirements, the New York Christian Bible College has recommended and conferred the degree of Doctor of Economic Development upon me.

Dr. Pamela Reaves Scriber

“There was a time when I thought I was supposed to be in a different space in my life. In the middle of her busy day across the country, she SOUNDED BOARDED me. Once she finished speaking wisdom, there was an awakening in me.” Nouchelle Hastings, Florida.

“She will not always tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear.” Deborah Gordon, Pennsylvania

“THE ONE AND ONLY Pamela Reaves Your audience is in for an amazing blessing. She Operates from a Position of Power and is one of my favorite people. Super awesome”.  Dr. Eric Holmes, Coach, Author, Entrepreneur 

“The excitement is still 10/10 over here, and still heating up! So, I told you we are taking 2021 by storm. Here’s just another amazing guest that we are excited to announce that #1Amazonbestselling author, Ms. Pamela Reaves will be joining us on the ILIRPODCAST…  Don’t miss the brilliant lady. She’s got the stuff to change your life.” Andrew E. Guy, Keynote Speaker, Canada

“Pam Reaves is an amazing coach, and has a tremendous track record helping clients get health and happy human experiences in life and love.” Sarah – LoveRomanceRelaionship

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