Failure Is Not An Option When Winning Is the Only Alternative

Most of us would like to live a crisis-free life. Yet, most of us know that isn’t likely to be our truth. With crisis comes a certain level of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. There is that nagging concern that the outcome may not be in our favor. There are times when we prematurely assume the crisis is far stronger than we are. It causes us to contemplate failure, disaster, or a total collapse. There is nothing wrong with experiencing fear, or wanting to avoid disaster. That is being human.

We have the power to and are capable of converting whatever is working against us into catalysts that infuse us with a level of energy we were not conscious of. Whenever we are in this heightened state of awareness, we will refuse to give into fear, and will advance determinately to the finish line. Although it can be overwhelming and dreadful, there is good that can emerge from a crisis situation.

We love a great story whenever it’s subject is an overcomer, who defies the odds stacked against him or her, and out of nowhere he or she seems to garner a supernatural power from some divine source to prevail over insurmountable odds. In other words, we love a David and Goliath-type victory. Nothing is more inspiring than to see someone backed up against a wall with seemingly no way out, who comes out swinging and obliterates every obstacle in his or her path. That type of heroism comes from realizing and accepting that failure is not an option.

When failure is not an option, you will consider every resource, support system, or strategy to secure your win. You will accept nothing less than victory. In this regard, fear is replaced with courage; what was once considered a weakness becomes the inspiration and motivation needed to move you forward; and this champion spirit winds up neutralizing any prohibitive challenge that separates you from your goal.

Obstacles are roadblocks in disguise, and once we discover that they are not infallible, confidence becomes our prevailing attitude. With confidence comes courage, and courage empowers us with the ability to face our fears, to scale even the highest of hurdles; and possess the moxie to attract meaningful (value-added) relationships that provide us with access to the social, professional, or political circles where our next great opportunity awaits.

Have you ever been in crisis mode when giving up was rarely, if ever, your immediate thought or action? It is amazing how a crisis triggers everything in us that instinctively knows how to survive and thrive during trying times. During a crisis and because time is of the essence, there is very little time to look for a savior. This triggering event causes us to default to what we already possess (our personal power). If our instincts know what we are capable of during times of crisis, certainly we can develop a second-nature awareness of this power and exercise it at will. I’ve been there many times, and at these moments, all I could do was to laser-focus on what I needed to do to gain influence, control, and authority over my desired outcome (Power). If failure is not an option, I have learned not to entertain a failed premise. I have discovered that anything I believe isn’t available to me (in this case “failure”) is not worthy of expending energy.

I come from very humble beginnings. However, the two amazing people who were my parents, consistently demonstrated what perseverance looks like. They were masters at making something out of nothing. Failure to nurture, provide for, and raise a large and loving family was not an option. Notwithstanding their financial status, they decided to win at everything that really mattered. My parents instilled in me a winning spirit that acknowledges while I am not exempt from the trials, tribulations, or challenges that are part of every human experience, I do possess the power to prevail over them. The challenges we face throughout our lifetime are the instructive moments that teach us how to respond to them with confidence and courage instead of acquiescing to defeat. Life’s lessons, especially the hard ones, are how we learn to navigate our way to victory. It is the winning spirit that guides us to take steps based on critical thinking, cultivate value-added relationships, and make decisions that are characteristic of winners.

There is always a hero in a crisis because there is always someone who rejects failure as the solution. These heroes do not fit any stereotype physically. What they do share in common is the belief that winning is the only option, and so winning is what they do. Be your own hero because you possess that kind of power.


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