The Audacity to Face Your Weaknesses and Fears

Being strong and courageous does not mean you will never experience moments of weakness or fear. All of us would like to move throughout our lives as strong and courageous people. One of the reasons why we desire a life free from weakness and fear is that we recognize the incontestable positive impact that personal attributes such as courage and strength have upon the time allocated to us while we walk the earth. We acknowledge that they are essential to personal development. They contribute to living and enjoying empowered lifestyles. However, the reality is that with life comes obstacles, challenges, and adverse situations that can be so overwhelming, demanding, or crushing that we can’t help but to feel weak or fearful. These are natural responses to adversity — not character flaws.

Feeling weak or fearful does not diminish you in any way, so don’t you dare accept these undesirable periods as defeat. They are human responses to things beyond our control, that are alien to us, or are forced upon us whenever we don’t believe that we possess the capacity to handle them. When we are called upon to assume too much responsibility, are overburdened with challenges, or our energy is depleted (be it physical, spiritual, or emotional), the result will be weakness. The body’s and/or mind’s response to threat of harm, danger, or loss is fear. Whenever we sense these threats about to overtake our space, our response is either fight or flight. In a moment of weakness or fear, you may decide that flight is the best course of action. However, when it comes to pursuing, achieving, and preserving a life that is sustained by, lived, and enjoyed from a Position of Power, we must stand up and fight for that privilege.

The good news is that you have the power to use your experiences with weakness and fear as motivation to achieve strength and courage. You can decide to be audacious by standing up to, facing and moving beyond them. There have been times when you have been faced with a crisis and were left to wonder how you survived or prevailed over the adverse conditions. It was not magic that you emerged triumphant. It wasn’t some out-of-body experience that guided you through an unstable or crucial moment. It was something you possessed all along. In a crisis with little to no time to entertain fear or weakness, you are left with no alternative but to tap into, activate, and unleash your inner power. It was in these moments of crisis that you instinctively responded because you refused to accept a moment of weakness or fear, and allow it to define the moment. If you are capable of doing it during a crisis, you are capable of doing it at will.

Being strong or courageous does not mean you will never have moments of weakness or fear, it means that you have the audacity to stand up to, face, and move beyond the them.


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